Severe storms leave behind significant damage in Sheboygan

NOW: Severe storms leave behind significant damage in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Thousands are left picking up the pieces after storms hit Wisconsin hard overnight. Many say it was the worst storm they've seen hit their hometowns. 

People across the state are seeing damage, including fallen tree branches, power outages, and roofs blown off. 

Some homeowners say the rain and high winds caused them to panic Wednesday night, as the line of storms made their way through. 

In Sheboygan, dozens of large trees were snapped and uprooted. Residents and crews were busy cleaning up Thursday.

"A lot of mess. We have trees down. I actually drove around and took pictures of trees that hit houses, power lines,'s insane," said Whitney Sohn, Sheboygan resident.


Kathy Brum woke up to find the trees that once stood tall in front of her house on the ground in her yard.

"I heard that tree hit the house, we couldn’t tell what happened because it was so dark out," said Brum. "This is what we saw. All this devastation. 

Brum is one of many people in Sheboygan cleaning up branches and debris after powerful storms ripped through. 

"It happened so fast. I mean just like that," said Brum. "I didn't realize trees were down...until I went to the window." 

Brum is now waiting to learn when the large trees will be removed so she can see the extent of the damage to her home but says she's thankful things were not worse. 

As cleanup continues, many are still without power. 

"It was a big surprise that there was so much damage. I don't think anyone was prepared for that," said Sohn. 

CBS 58 spoke with the Sheboygan County director of emergency management. He says damage assessments are still underway and cleanup efforts will likely spill into next week. 

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