Stolen minivan involved in rollover crash near 11th and Madison, police seek driver

NOW: Stolen minivan involved in rollover crash near 11th and Madison, police seek driver

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Several people are in custody after stealing a van, then causing a crash at 11th and Madison Tuesday night, Oct. 5.

Milwaukee police confirmed the stolen van drove through a stop sign and hit another car. The driver fled, and police are still looking for that person. Three teen passengers were taken into custody and then to the hospital for treatment.

The police report says they suffered minor injuries, but a witness who helped at the scene says it looked a lot worse.

Michaiah Belle said, “I saw one guy was in there and was smashed up pretty bad. It didn’t look good for him. But all I did was what I could. I put my weight against the vehicle and held it up and other bystanders helped push the silver car out of the way so we could push the black car up until the responders got there.”

Three vehicles were involved in the crash; eyewitness say the van was speeding westbound on Madison and had already blown through several stop signs as it approached the intersection at 11th. It hit a black car that had the right of way.

The van then crashed into a silver car that was parked at the time, and eventually came to a stop on its side. Witnesses say a teen was pinned inside the back of the van against the silver car. They say a group of about 30 bystanders physically lifted the silver car and moved it forward so they could get to the injured teen.

The black car spun around and ended up near the telephone pole and restaurant on the corner. Michaiah says these types of crashes are becoming too common. “I’ve seen crashes and accidents with people driving fast and no regard for the safety of others, that’s nothing new in Milwaukee. I just hope that everybody is okay."

The driver of the black car was not injured.

Milwaukee police are seeking the driver of the minivan, and charges will be referred to the district attorney's office in the upcoming days.

Anyone with information is asked to contact MPD at 414-935-7360 or Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS to remain anonymous.

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