Sen. Lena Taylor hosts 'Girls' Day' at State Capitol

NOW: Sen. Lena Taylor hosts ’Girls’ Day’ at State Capitol

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- We are nearing the end of Women's History Month, and one sure way for women to shape history is to get involved in government.

That's why in Madison Tuesday, March 29, it was "Girls' Day" at the State Capitol.

State Senator Lena Taylor was the host as girls from the organization "Pretty Girls are Educated" spent the day in the seat of Wisconsin's government. 

They learned about the functions of that government and how they can be involved at every level. 

Someone asked Sen. Taylor who inspired her to get involved in government.

"My grandma, Delta Packer. She took me to an inauguration when I was about 11 years old and I didn't know that she was instilling in me the importance of participating in government or that I would end up being elected," said Sen. Taylor.

The visiting girls met with other lawmakers, toured the Capitol building and visited the state Supreme Court. 

You may see some of these girls on future election days.

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