Selena Gomez will perform at SummerFest 2016

Selena Gomez will be the headliner opening night at SummerFest 2016.

Summerfest officials made the announcement Monday afternoon, and the VP of Entertainment told CBS 58 that announcing the first headliner this early is something new.

Bob Babisch has been responsible for bringing musical acts to SummerFest for 38 years, and says the 11 day music festival keeps getting bigger and bigger, with 267 days to go.

"This may be the earliest we've ever done it,” Babisch said. “It's one of those situations where bands are starting to talk about their tours earlier and earlier. The situation with Selena, we had the option of not being part of the announcement, but we knew she was going to announce the entire tour this morning."

Jared Looze works at Wicked Hop Bar and Restaurant which is only two blocks away from SummerFest.

Looze is not worried about an empty bar on a quiet Monday, because those two weeks are a boom for business.

"This year there was a couple of dates, you know 4th of July was one of them that they didn't have an act a week before, and I think that hurts them.” Looze said. “They had low attendance last year. We kind of noticed. Obviously we were still busy, but getting big names in early is going to be awesome for us. People know they can set up on their calendar."

Despite a hiccup here and there, SummerFest officials say they plan up to a year in advance.

Babisch wouldn’t give details on other headliners for SummerFest 2016, but says more announcements will be in the coming weeks.

Opening night for SummerFest is June 29, 2016.

Tickets for the Selena Gomez concert go on sale next week.

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