Second playground shooting suspect faces felony charge

MILWAUKEE -- Prosecutors say even though he was already convicted of 2nd degree reckless homicide in 2003 - that didn't stop Jamey Jackson from getting a gun and firing shots at another person again.

A felony Charge came down against Jamey Jackson Monday morning. He's connected to the playground shooting near 28th and Clarke that severely wound young Sierra guyton. 

The criminal complaint says Jackson is one of the men who was sitting on the steps up to the playground when Sylvester Lewis was riding his bike in the area. 

Lewis was charged in connection to the shooting last week. He was uncooperative and caused a scene in court.  

But when he was in custody, Lewis told detectives his version of what happened.  He said that one man confronted him near 28th & Clarke, accusing him of stealing his \"baby's momma's kids clothes\".

Lewis then said Jackson - who he knows as Jayme - got up from the group and pulled out a gun. 

At that point Lewis says Jackson threatened to kill him.  Lewis said a bullet flew past his ear.  That's when he pulled his handgun and started firing towards Jackson and the playground. 

He told MPD detectives he emptied his handgun - he says about eight shots-  then took off running. 

Lewis along with another witness identified Jamey Jackson as the second shooter from a lineup.

Jackson is set to appear in court on these charges today. 

Stay tuned to CBS 58 for more details.

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