Search warrants executed in Racine net drugs, including fentanyl, and firearms

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Eighteen search warrants were executed on Wednesday, Oct. 20, related to violent offenses, drug trafficking, and illegal weapons possession. Of the 18 warrants served, 15 were in the city of Racine. 

Authorities say the search warrants netted the following:

  • 1,759 grams of cocaine. A large portion of the cocaine tested positive for fentanyl
  • 152 grams of crack cocaine
  • 1,318 grams of marijuana
  • $62,223 in cash related to drug trafficking
  • Five illegally possessed firearms including an AK 47 style rifle

Fifteen federal indictments:

  • Gerardo Lara age 27 of Franksville
  • Jesus Lara age 27 of Franksville
  • Sarah Beckius age 27 of Kenosha
  • Brian Philips age 33 of Racine
  • Jasmine Gonzales age 40 of Racine
  • Debra Urness age 42 of Racine
  • Marquan Washington age 30 of Racine
  • Mario Johnson age 33 of Racine
  • Ashley Westmoreland age 28 of Racine
  • Michael Hardin age 33 of Racine
  • Terry Brumby age 32 of Racine
  • Carl Grayson age 64 of Racine
  • Plaze Anderson age 23 of Milwaukee
  • Michael Wright age 31 of Racine
  • Jeri Balderas age 31 of Racine.

Racine officials say, an additional four individuals were arrested during the operation and charged with state crimes related to illegal weapons possession and sales of narcotics.

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