School Bulletin: Students create movie magic

School Bulletin: Students create movie magic

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The next generation of movie makers are honing their craft in Southern Wisconsin. The Racine Video Production Workshop just started their latest project -- a psychological thriller where the main character can't tell if they're awake or still dreaming.

"Going in we had a premise," Jason Love, who directs the after-school program, says. "Then [the students] basically filled in where did it go, and then how did it end. They did all that in the two hour span with the whole team."

The whole team is comprised of middle and high school students, and some of them have been participating in the program for a few years now. Love says a few students have even gone on to pursue careers in the film industry after graduation, and it's his job to guide the budding actors, costume designers and directors.

"I call it being the engine," Love says. "They have to really pull the project forward. If they're willing to do that, we're more than willing to run a project and make sure that happens."

The pandemic affected video production in Racine -- just as it did in Hollywood. Love says the students met over Zoom instead of at school. He explains the young actors recorded themselves reading monologues to create a unique, feature length film.

This year though, Love says they've returned to the classroom and picked up the pace. The students, with the help of community volunteers, are now in post-production for their film, which will premiere in the spring.

"The kids will have sneak peeks, but the goal is to have a big, red carpet screening so they can share with their families," Love says.

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