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"Scary and shocking:" Residents on high alert after reports of deer charging, attacking pets

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Multiple people living in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood have reported deer charging, and even attacking their dogs.

Rachel Stenman hammered a warning sign to hikers at the entrance to the Koenen Land Preserve.

She says a doe charged at her dog Lucy, who scampered away in time to avoid an attack.

Stenman says the deer continued to approach quickly, and she was chased back to the street.

"You get up to one in real life and it's actually kind of scary and shocking," Stenman said.

Dianne Robinson, a DNR wildlife biologist, says what happened to Stenman is uncommon, but deer can be dangerous.

Robinson says if baby fawns are nearby, does may act protectively.

She advises the best way to keep pets safe is to walk them on leashes and to stay on trails.

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