Sabbatic Advertisement Goes Viral

Sabbatic Bar in Walker's Point apologized for an ad recently put out for his bar that involved Bradley Tech High School students and pregnancy.

The owner said the bar is targeted toward a punk-rock crowd, and the bar's owner said this ad is for those people.

The advertisement said "Our back alley... where 50 percent of Bradley Tech pregnancies start and end."          

Bradley Tech High School is just a block away from the bar.               

Milwaukee Public Schools said in statement "We have a responsibility to speak out and stand up when false statements are made about our students. We will not stand by when they are degraded."

Mayor Tom Barrett's chief of staff said, "disgusting, offensive, degrading, vile and repugnant are words that come to mind.  What kind of person does something like this?  It's absolutely sickening."

"You know what, I will go on record right now saying I will never make a crude or tasteless joke ever again. Now if the city of Milwaukee and it's high officials can make me the promise that they will take my concerns regarding my safety, my property, my rights seriously, then I think we're good to go,” said Jay Stamates, Sabbatic’s owner. "The ad was meant as humor, it's not based on any fact. It is crude and crass. I apologize to the kids at Bradley tech who have nothing to do with anything that's gone wrong here. I apologize to the teachers who suddenly find themselves having to answer these questions, who do the best damn job they can with limited resources, it's a challenging job. And I apologize my friends and family and staff and coworkers."

The Milwaukee Police Department said they don't have record of Bradley Tech students committing crimes at the bar.

The bar's owner countered saying most issues are going unreported.

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