Right to Try Legislation Being Considered in Wisconsin

Representatives Pat Snyder and Joel Kleefisch unveiled and circulated their ‘Right to Try’ bill on Tuesday. 

Right to Try legislation, which is law in 33 other states, that allows terminally ill patients, who have considered all available treatment options, the choice to try potentially life-saving drugs that are in the middle of the FDA process, under certain conditions. 

 “One doctor in Texas alone has already saved 78 lives under Texas’ ‘Right to Try’ law,” said Representative Kleefisch.  “For those dying, they deserve every chance at living.  This could be our children, our significant others, or other loved ones.  Everyone deserves the chance at health and life.”

 Representative Snyder and Representative Kleefisch’s ‘Right to Try’ bill is now being circulated for co-sponsors in the Legislature.  After that, the bill will be formally introduced and sent to committee, where it will proceed through the bill-making process.  Senator Moulton and Senator Risser will be introducing companion ‘Right to Try’ legislation in the State Senate.  Representative Kleefisch and Senator Risser authored ‘Right to Try’ legislation last session.

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