Reports of buckling pavement increase amid Wisconsin's heat wave

NOW: Reports of buckling pavement increase amid Wisconsin’s heat wave

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- We all feel that muggy heat across Wisconsin right now and it's causing a problem across the state's highways -- pavement buckling. 

The ongoing stretch of high 80s and low 90s is putting a lot of stress on the pavement, which can cause it to buckle and even explode if there's enough pressure. 

Certain sections and types of pavement are more susceptible to buckling, but it can happen anywhere, any time it gets hot. 

While a temporary fix isn't too big of a deal, it can still cause problems for drivers.

"Generally, the material to fix it really isn't that great, often times like what's on Highway 41, some of the biggest costs is just the traffic control that we need to set up to protect the zone," said Scott Nelson, NE region maintenance unit supervisor at WisDOT.

Make sure to pay attention to the road and slow down or move over when you see buckled pavement, and if the pavement is in really bad shape, call 911 to report the location.

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