Report: Wisconsin ranks 15th for Covid-19 vaccine distribution

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- As the coronavirus vaccine rolls out, those considered high priority populations such as high-risk workers in health care facility and older adults in nursing and residential care, are expected to receive the vaccine first.

A report on QuoteWizard found that Wisconsin ranked 15th for most in need state of the coronavirus vaccine distribution with a total of 6.7% of its population categorized as "high-priority". That 6.7% comes from Wisconsin's 311,095 healthcare workers and 78,633 seniors living in nursing or resident homes.

According to the report, New York, Massachusetts and South Dakota have the highest rates of high-priority people who will receive first vaccines. New York topped the list with 8.5%.

Nevada, Wyoming and Utah have the lowest rates of individuals who will receive the first vaccine batch, QuoteWizard says. Nevada came last with 4.5%. 

The report states there are roughly 20 million high-priority individuals who could receive the first vaccine distributions, and that health care workers only make up about 5% of the country's labor force.

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