Renovating Milwaukee Playgrounds

 There's a plan to renovate 12 Milwaukee playgrounds.

Common Council President Michael Murphy says he wants kids to get outside and play, so he has a new initiative to make sure local playgrounds are safe.

"I grew up on these playgrounds, so many kids today have lost that experience of social and games.  And dealing with the problems we're facing in our community with obesity and diabetes, these children need to have the same opportunity I had," Murphy said.

The plan includes a mix of public and private money that Murphy has already begun raising.

The 12 playgrounds slated for renovations:

  1. 67th & Spokane
  2. Long Island & Custer
  3. 21st & Keefe
  4. 5th & Randolph
  5. Snails Crossing
  6. Buffum & Center
  7. DeBack Park
  8. 17th & Vine
  9. Foundation Park
  10. 34th & Mt. Vernon
  11. Arlington Heights
  12. Trowbridge Square

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