Reminder: Don't shoot to celebrate or you could wind up in jail

Reminder: Don’t shoot to celebrate or you could wind up in jail

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- Celebrating the new year responsibly means more than watching how much you drink.

Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt delivered his annual reminder that you should not fire guns at the stroke of midnight.

Even if you shoot into the air, the Sheriff pointed out the fact that the bullets come down and can severely injure someone. The shooter could wind up in jail.

"If someone actually does get injured, there's a way to find out where that bullet came from. If we have the gun, you have the projectile, you match 'em up and the ballistics will actually give us a perfect match. You will get convicted, you will go to prison," said Sheriff Richard Schmidt.

If you're caught shooting into the air, you could be charged with recklessly endangering safety or worse, if someone gets hurt. 

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