Remembrance held at 9/11 Memorial in Kewaskum

NOW: Remembrance held at 9/11 Memorial in Kewaskum

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Across southeast Wisconsin Sunday, Sept. 11, Wisconsinites gathered in remembrance of what happened 21 years ago.

Hundreds gathered at Wisconsin's 9/11 Memorial and education center in Kewaskum to honor the lives of those lost in the hometown of the one person from Wisconsin who died.

The rain didn't keep anyone away from gathering indoors today, Sept. 11, to remember the 9/11 attacks.

Gordon Haberman's daughter, Wisconsin native Andrea Haberman, went to school in Kewaskum, and was one of those killed.

"Our Andrea was one of those, however it is for all of the victims that who perished that day that we gather," said Gordon.

He told her story of heading off for a big job in New York before what happened.

Since then, he's worked with donors from across Wisconsin and businesses in Kewaskum, to bring the memorial to Kewaskum, driving back the centerpiece steel beam himself with some help.

"Driving it back from out east, that [how we] got to Kewaskum," said Gordon.

9/11 Pentagon attack survivor and Wisconsin native Lisa Burgess was a reporter at the Pentagon when it happened.

She told her story of going back in to grab a fire extinguisher after the attack, when suddenly the building filled with smoke.

"What I found out later is that that's when the building collapsed on that side," said Burgess.

Officials at the Wisconsin 9/11 memorial are hoping future generations learn from the memorial there.

"We have a unique perspective on the attacks, we don't really remember what life was like before then," said CBS 58 anchor, reporter and Kewaskum native Emerson Lehmann.

He said he was only four when it happened, but he hopes conversations like these can help teach future generations.

"It's important that we don't forget Andrea Haberman, and the other victims of September 11th," said Lehmann.

"We're not Americans despite our differences, we're Americans because of our differences," said Burgess.

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