Red Cross volunteers return to Milwaukee from storm ravaged states

MILWAUKEE -- Red Cross disaster volunteers have returned home to Milwaukee Wednesday after answering a call for help from storm stricken states.

The trained responders were sent to Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi after a series of deadly tornadoes and severe storms swept through the region.

Volunteers like Jeannine Peters and Sally Reamer constantly worked to provide shelter, food and care for hundreds of people at a time. Responders also distributed cleaning supplies and helped run a feeding operation in affected areas.

More than 3,000 homes in 10 states have been destroyed or heavily damaged by tornadoes or floods since April 25. 

About 1,900 Red Cross volunteers and 70 emergency vehicles have been dispatched since that date to affected areas. 

The Red Cross continues to support those affected by the storm, offering emotional support, shelter, food, health services and cleaning supplies to those in need. 

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