Rash of missing puppy cases on Milwaukee's southside

Concerns on Milwaukee's southside about half a dozen missing dog cases over the course of just four days.

Linda Green contacted CBS 58 after noticed the trend. She runs the Southsider's Facebook page and is trying to get the word out after she noticed several missing dog reports in the same area.

\"I noticed last week that there were a lot of posts about puppies that went missing,\" explained Green. \"So I gathered the information and went to the police.\"

One resident Michelle is agonizing over her missing one year old dog Bella. The dog was taken from a backyard.

\"I never ever let her out of my sight,\" Michelle told CBS 58 News. \"We were going out of town for the Fourth of July and we couldn't take dogs. So, we left her with a family. They happened to run to the store. When they came back, she was gone.\"

Milwaukee Police say if your dog goes missing you should file a missing dog report.

They also suggest you sign up for the online service called Nextdoor.com

It's a website that police use to engage and communicate with residents on a neighborhood level to increase safety and strengthen virtual neighborhood watch.

For a link to the website click here

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