Rainy and Mild Spring Season!

Today marks the first day of Meteorological Summer!!! No, not the official day of summer like most of you think. In the weather community, to keep things easy and straightforward for data and information, we split the seasons in three month increments. Meteorological Spring started on March 1st, and ran through May 31st. The summer portion begins today, and will end on August 31st.

Some key things to remember from the spring season:

*We had 63 rain days. This is almost 70% of our days in spring featured at least a trace a precipitation or more. Do we live in Seattle?

*March 13th was our highest snow total day in spring with a total of 8.7”. The whole season only had 13.6”.

*The warmest day was 87 degrees on May 16th. The coolest temp was March 11th in the morning of 14°.

*Five tornadoes occurred in Wisconsin, none in southeastern Wisconsin though.

The Climate Prediction Center has their “Meteorological Summer” outlook from a temperature and precipitation perspective. They’re forecasting above average temperatures and average precipitation. The way they project these forecasts are through long-term computer models. Let’s see if they come into fruition.

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