Racine school superintendent under investigation

RACINE-Dr. Lolli Haws is being investigated by Kenosha County Human Services Department regarding an incident last month in a classroom at Knapp Elementary School.

Dr. Haws issued the following statement to CBS 58 News:


\"While challenging and demanding, my substitute teaching experience at Knapp Elementary School last month reinforced my confidence in the ability of our teachers and our students to achieve great results in the classroom. Visiting classrooms is one way for me to better understand how we can support our teachers in helping students so we can raise the performance for students and everyone who makes up the Racine Unified School District.


There were a few difficult moments in the classroom that day, and it demonstrated to me the need for proper staffing levels and manageable class sizes. The lesson that we should all take away from this is that it will take the support and involvement of the entire school community if we are going to be more successful in our classrooms.\"


At tonight's school board meeting, the public comments portion was filled with complaints about class size and resources.

CBS 58's Bill Walsh has more.

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