Racine & Me, January 21th, 2017: 2017 Activities Guide, A Book by the Build-a-Bow Kid, and Winterfest without Snow

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Jacob Kittilstad introduced himself as the new host of “Racine & Me” and welcomes the people from Real Racine to talk about what he should look forward to this year. They just published their 2017 Activities Guide and are trying to let people know it has been released. The guide is available for free at many locations around Racine County and it details events happening almost every weekend.

Next, Jacob interviewed the author of “Bullies, Bow Ties and Brilliant Alex” – a ten-year-old attending Gifford Elementary School. The book talks about the life of Alex Hart-Upendo, why he started making bow ties, and how he plans to spread is message of anti-bullying. His book release party is on Saturday. He also gave Jacob the chance to try out the merchandise.

Lastly, one of the organizers of Winterfest visited the studio to talk about how they’ll move forward with their celebration without snow. The annual event is put on at the Great Lakes Dragaway by the Racine County Alliance of Snow Mobile Clubs. This year they’re trucking in snow with construction equipment to make sure their races (and their well-attended bikini-snowmobile-rides) move ahead as normal.

Guests: Paul Holley – Marketing Director, Real Racine, Kari Greving – Real Racine, Alex Hart-Upendo – Bowtie Designer/Author, Darren Slotty – Racine County Alliance of Snowmobile Clubs. 

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