Racine family gets surprise visit from Donald Driver for healthy living

As the doorbell rings at a home in Racine, the little voices on the other side are greeted by the one and only Donald Driver.

\"Boo,\" he said. \"How you all doing?\"

Out of 1,700 entries, the Szymczak's are this year's winners of the \"Driven to Better Health\" family contest. Promoting active, healthy lifestyles is Driver's goal, in partnership with the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

\"We want the healthiest kids in the nation,\" he said. \"That's what it's all about.\"

Over a healthy lunch, Driver congratulated the Szymczak's for stepping up to the challenge. They planted a vegetable garden to change their eating habits, but the outdoor experience also brings the family closer together.

\"Mommy and daddy, you and Holly,\" Driver said to 10-year-old Josh, \"did an amazing job.\"

After giving the garden his own touch, Driver showed off his moves via a video game, proving exercise can be fun, especially as a group.

\"Everyone thought when I left I wasn't going to be engraved in the state of Wisconsin,\" he said. \"You see, we're making a difference every single day.\"

The \"Driven to Better Health\" campaign started in 2014 with a school challenge, won by Riverside Elementary in Fond du Lac.

Registration for the next one opens September 15th. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.

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