Protesters rally outside Sen. Johnson's office over potential ACA repeal

NOW: Protesters rally outside Sen. Johnson’s office over potential ACA repeal

Dozens went to Sen. Ron Johnson's, R-WI, office Monday to oppose the republican plan to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

Johnson was one of the original sponsors of the bill and has continued to support it.

Opponents say the plan would cause massive cuts to Medicaid and make insurance unaffordable to those with preexisting conditions.
it would likely result in millions losing their insurance.

"The primary reason people would loose insurance is the plan takes away the individual mandate for people to have to buy insurance," nurse practitioner Steve Ohly said. "Which means many people who are healthy won't buy insurance. That's beeing able to subsidize the plan in general so that it's affordable for all."

Johnson says the ACA has doubled insurance premiums, and he wants to repeal it as soon as possible.

"The problem is not going away, so our efforts are going to continue strong, to try and fix this big mess we call the American health care system."

Senate Republicans have until Saturday to pass the bill with a simple majority. It does not appear they have the votes to do so.

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