Protesters march to NRA convention in downtown Milwaukee

NOW: Protesters march to NRA convention in downtown Milwaukee

Dozens of people protested outside the NRA convention in downtown Milwaukee Friday evening.

The group marched from Ziedler Union Square Park to the Wisconsin center.

“We've lost so many lives, 66 so far in 2017,” said Anneliese Dickman, the director of communications for the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort. “66 gun homicides, and so bringing even more people with firearms to downtown Milwaukee isn't what this city needs.”

Among the demonstrators was Delphine Cherry, who came from Chicago, where two of her kids were shot and killed.

“I get that you have  a right to the second amendment, but the guns are getting in to the wrong hands,” Cherry said.

Demonstrators timed their march to coincide with the NRA conceal carry fashion show happening at the convention.

“The fact that it's more of a sale's thing, than a meeting of minds, with the conceal carry fashion show? I don't want to see guns thought of as fashionable,” said Eilene Stevens, one of the protesters.

In response to the protest, an NRA spokesman tells CBS 58, "While we disagree with the protesters' message and position, we must respect their 1st Amendment rights to peacefully assemble."

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