Protesters fight Sen. Ron Johnson's position on $600 weekly unemployment enhancer

NOW: Protesters fight Sen. Ron Johnson’s position on $600 weekly unemployment enhancer

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson (R) was the target of a protest in Milwaukee Thursday, Sept. 10.

A group of unemployed people gathered at the federal building to protest Johnson's position on the $600 enhancer payment to federal unemployment benefits.

That payment stopped at the beginning of August and Johnson has said in the past that he hopes it's not extended.

"I fell behind on bills," said protester Troy Brewer. "I don't know where things are coming from and I just don't know what I'm gonna do to be able to make it and continue to stay in my home."

Sen. Johnson has proposed extending enhanced unemployment benefits, but at a reduced amount. 

He has said the $600 payment was too expensive and created an incentive for people not to go back to work.

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