Protecting your bike from theft

HALES CORNERS-- Better weather means more bikers outside, and cyclists will want to make sure their locks are up to par.

\"Some guy had a wire cutter and tried to cut the chain,\" said Lorenzo Vasello.

Vasello still remembers catching a man who tried to steal his bike last year.

\"He started running when he realized it was my bike,\" recalled Vasello.

Vasello managed to stop the man, but some cyclists aren't so lucky.

\"It's such a personal assault on you, that I would say that's one of the things that take people out of cycling, is they get so disappointed,\" said Chris Kegel, owner of Wheel and Sprocket.

Kegel says the rule of thumb for cyclists is to purchase a lock that is worth 10% of their bike's value.  He also said some locks are better than others.

\"The U-style locks and the really heavy duty hardened chain, are offering the highest level of security,\" said Kegel.

Kegel says if the worst case scenario happens, there are ways to get your bike back.

\"Make a police report, report it to your insurance company, post on the social media sites and let's do everything we can to stop bike theft,\" said Kegel.

Kegel says it's also a good idea to take a picture and shoot video of your bike, this helps police track it down.  It's also important to register your bike with the city.

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