Protect Yourself from Price Gouging During the NCAA Tournament

MILWAUKEE-- Any time there is a major sporting event, many businesses are anxious to make a profit-- sometimes at the expense of fans, but the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has advice for sports fans before they brave the crowds around BMO Harris Bradley Center Thursday.

Parking lots outside BMO Harris Bradley Center were half full Wednesday afternoon, but on Thursday, parking spots will become a hot commodity.

\"I think you have to be very wary about who you're doing business with,\" said Randall Hoth, President and CEO of Wisconsin's BBB.

Signs in the parking lot may say $5.00 or $10.00, but when the NCAA Tournament is in town, there is always potential for a price gouge.

\"It's part of the economy, but I think if someone has disclosed if they're going to pay a certain price, and the price is marked up, they have a legitimate right to complain,\" said Hoth.

BBB advises everyone to be careful if they see prices go up.

\"Be wary, that you've got to ask some questions to understand exactly what the cost is going to be when you're ready to leave that lot,\" Hoth explained.

If you find yourself victim of a scam or feel that you're not being treated fairly, make sure you have what you need to file a review or complaint with BBB.

\"We have to have the name of the company they want to file a review against,\" Hoth emphasized, \"and that company has a right to defend their policy.\"

Aside from parking problems, BBB says counterfeit game tickets and fan gear are also common during major sporting events.  They advise everyone to purchase these goods only from authorized retailers.

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