Proposed USDA guidelines restrict sugar and fried foods at daycares

If your child is having chicken tenders, a side of French fries or potato wedges might not be allowed at daycare.  Proposed guidelines from the USDA suggest daycares serve no more than one serving of fried food a week.

\"I think it's wonderful that there's going to be less processed and less fried foods,\" said Jenifer Krause, a mother in West Allis.

The guidelines also push cutting back on sugar, children will be limited to one serving of juice per day. 

\"Let them have the fruit juice as long as it's 100%,\" said Lisa Budurov, another mother.

The guidelines also suggest serving breakfast cereals with no more than 6 grams of sugar per serving. 

With 12 grams of sugar per serving this means goodbye to Captain Crunch, and hello to Cheerios, which only has 1 gram of sugar per serving.

\"I totally agree with it, 100%,\" said Amy McCullogh, a grandmother and former daycare worker.

Many parents are on board with the recommendations, but it presents some challenges for local daycares.

\"The kids will have a hard time, they like that stuff,\" said Sue Sthokal, owner of 1st Class Childcare in West Allis.

1st Class Childcare is enrolled in the Social Development Commission's (SDC) Food Program, which meets USDA's criteria.

\"I see a lot of food going in the garbage,\" said Sthokal.

Some parents agree with Sthokal, it can be a challenge to meet guidelines and make sure picky eaters actually eat what's served.

\"If they're not going to eat it, what's the point in giving it to them?\" said Budurov.

Despite criticism, many parents believe the guidelines ensure a healthy future.

\"Daycares need to take into consideration, the children that they serve, and the foods that they serve to children, I really do,\" said McCullogh.

The guidelines also suggest daycares serve at least two servings of whole grains each day and more vegetables.  The public has 90 days to comment on the policy. 

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