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Proposal to end Oconomowoc ordinance requiring muzzles for pit bulls in public

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. (CBS 58) – The City of Oconomowoc is working towards changing the restrictions they have on pit bull owners.

Right now, if you’re a pit bull owner in Oconomowoc, you have to put a muzzle on your dog before taking it out in public.

Fourth district alderman Kevin Ellis proposed a change to that ordinance. If the vote passes, pit bulls would no longer be required to wear muzzles when out in public, but leash length restrictions will stay in place.

The first reading of the proposed change passed this week. Five alderman, including Ellis are in favor, two are not.

Ellis says pit bulls often get a bad reputation and are not as vicious as people think.

“I have one, I know of a lot of other people that have pit bulls. They are the most gentle creatures, the most gentle dog that I know. It’s not that I want the pit bull to be thought of in a higher light. I want it to be thought of in the same level as other dogs,” said 4th District Alderman Kevin Ellis.

“They’re all a little different, that of course Doesn’t mean all pit bulls are bad, or that all owners who have pit bulls are bad. That breed for whatever reason has a propensity for biting and I think we should be careful as a community,” said 3rd District Alderman Matt Rosek.

The proposal still has to go through a second reading before the common council can make an official decision on it. That will happen later in May.

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