Preschoolers in West Allis learn about fire safety

NOW: Preschoolers in West Allis learn about fire safety

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Preschoolers received an important lesson Tuesday in fire safety. 

A Milwaukee firefighter taught the youngsters, who are hearing impaired, about smoke alarms and firefighting gear. 

A group called "Hear Wisconsin" held the event to give the children hands-on lessons in how to stay safe should they encounter smoke/flames. 

"Their language isn't fully developed as often as children their age who are hearing," said Hear Wisconsin Program Director Chris Kometer. "We have a real-life firefighter who's going to show them what he's about and what his gear is and give them some tools."

An interpreter helped translate instructions. Hear Wisconsin provides services to children and adults who are hearing impaired or may use hearing aids. 

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