"Preparing for any eventuality:" National Guard and local first responders perform emergency response exercise

NOW: “Preparing for any eventuality:“ National Guard and local first responders perform emergency response exercise

WAUKESHA (CBS 58) -- First responders came together to train for emergency medical scenarios at Prairie Elementary School Sunday morning. 

"Its all about preparing any eventuality. Ultimately, there is a lot we can teach each other both the national guard to the first responders community and vice versa -- the first responders can teach us a lot here in the military as well," said Cpt. Joe Trovato, Public Affairs Deputy Director. 

The Wisconsin Army National Guard along with the fire department personnel from Town of Waukesha, Vernon, Waterford, Wales-Genesee and Lake Country Fire and Rescue participated in the exercise. Flight for Life and Aurora Summit Hospital was also involved in the exercise. 

First responders and National Guard Soldiers were put in a number of scenarios and treated injuries like burns and head injuries. The scenario simulated a medical incident that would overwhelm local hospitals, which would test the agencies teamwork capabilities. 

 According to officials, this exercise was planned for months and is not in response to recent national incidents.

"This particular locations was not picked for any reason other than coincidence," said Trovato.

The Waukesha School District was not involved in the exercise but offered the space so first responders could train. Parents within the district got an email that the emergency response training would be taking place Sunday.

'It's really great that they will be prepared for pretty much anything that could happen and react appropriately," said Amy Kreitzer, parent. 

The national guard practices domestic response incidents across the State of Wisconsin throughout the year. 

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