Predicting Tornadoes Is for The Birds

New research reveals a certain tiny bird can sense powerful thunderstorms, even producing tornadoes, are approaching. The findings, posted in \"Current Biology\" states the golden-winged warblers, weighing less than a third of an ounce, moved away from their breeding grounds a day before a storm, flying nearly one thousand miles.

The warblers are the smallest species ever tracked through backpack transmitters.  The researchers think the birds were sensing acoustic waves occurring below 20 hertz.  This is a low level of sound undetectable by humans. 

The scientists are quick to point out when storms force birds to flee, it can put the pressure on their possibility to breed.  And as storms get more powerful, these disruptions will continue to grow. They also want to stress these animals will never be a replacement to satellite and radar data.  Just a supplement.

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