Potential Property Tax Increase for West Allis

NOW: Potential Property Tax Increase for West Allis

An energy savings project could bring in more than $18.8 million to West Allis- West Milwaukee Schools. But, it could be up to property owners to foot the bill.

It’s a revenue exemption that allows schools to seek money for energy savings related projects. The school district says that 12 of their 18 schools were built in the late 1920’s to mid-1930’s and say it’s time for an upkeep.

Back in April, voters in West Allis rejected a referendum that would have increased the budget by more than $2 million a year for five years to pay for sports and keep class sizes small.

This new resolution is different and all about energy savings.

It would provide the district with a maximum financing of $18.8 million that would strictly be allocated towards things like LED lighting, boiler replacements, roofing upgrades, and automated building controls.

But because it’s a loan, it might result in a property tax increase. Some homeowners aren’t too happy about paying more without getting a say.

“One of the biggest issues that we have is really not how much we’re being taxed, although it may be too high, it’s how our tax money is being spent,” says Jim Naumann, property owner.

It is still unclear how much property owners could be responsible for, until the final approval by the board.

This proposal is separate from the school budget which will need to be approved by June 26th.

For more information on the revenue exemption click here.

For more information on the proposal click here.

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