Possible lion sighting in Milwaukee

Breaking news from Milwaukee’s north side, where police and the DNR have gathered to check on a possible lion sighting.

Police just issued a statement reporting a \"confirmed sighting of a lion-like animal near 30th and Fairmount.\"

Milwaukee has been on the lookout for some kind of big cat or mountain lion....ever since numerous sightings were reported early in the week and at least one video was taken.

Now there are reports of a new sighting Saturday evening and it still hasn't been found.

But the MPD is keeping police at the scene, and CBS 58 will stay there as well, and bring you any new information.  

CBS 58 also spoke with the owner of a dog had been earlier this week, and apparently mistaken for the possible lion.

Joe Dixon says the shooting is another example of the uptick in gun violence in the City of Milwaukee.

Dixon’s one year old pit bull who he named “Homie” is recovering at MADACC, and should be returned to its owner later next week.

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