'Position' yourself the right way when working from home

NOW: ’Position’ yourself the right way when working from home


MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- Slouching at your computer is a position many of us are taking these days while working from home.  Physical therapists say you might not realize it, but better posture is more important than you might think. It’s an important backbone to our whole being. Their services are also considered essential during this COVID crisis.

Andy Kerk, owner of Body Mechanics Physical Therapy, says "if someone’s in pain and they can’t sleep at night but having to take more pain medication, we don’t want them going to their doctor or hospital, especially right now. Eventually. But for now they can come here and get relief and get comfortable and keep livelihood and well-being going so you’re not well behind when there’s some semblance of normal again."

Andy and his staff have more correct posturing advice during this stressful time.  Just click here to see what's recommended. Body Mechanic's Facebook page is also helpful.

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