Port Washington moves forward on deteriorating breakwaters

PORT WASHINGTON- After city meetings, letters to the Governor's office, and trips to Washington D.C. the city of Port Washington has taken the situation of their deteriorating breakwaters into their own hands.

This has been a problem for years but over the summer the Army Corps of Engineers said the breakwaters should be fixed immediately, but they don't have the money to do that.

Instead, back in October, they put up signs warning the breakwaters are dangerous.

So, the city recently hired a couple of companies to research potential funding sources and designs for the $16 million repairs.

The city admits they wont be able to afford the entire price tag, but they shouldn't have to because the breakwaters are federally owned structures.

Meetings have been planned in the city and with citizen groups to drum up more support, resources, and ideas.

Right now there's no specific timetable for completion, but it's expected this will be done in phases.


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