Popular Milwaukee radio personality survives lightning strike

NOW: Popular Milwaukee radio personality survives lightning strike


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bill Michaels, a popular Milwaukee radio personality, was struck by lightning on Thursday.

He was hosting the 'Bill Michaels Show' remotely on a golf course in Eau Claire when he was struck by lightning.

"You heard a crack and then a buzz and it felt like I had a wire lying across me where someone flipped on the lights and just shocked me," Michaels said.

Michaels says the lightning struck near him and he was indirectly hit. The electricity went through him, causing burns and blisters to his skin. It even burnt through part of his shoe.

Michaels was at the hospital for about four hours but quickly went back to doing what he loves, giving his thoughts on the preseason Packers game.

"On one hand you're okay so you can look back and laugh, make jokes of it, but it was scary," said Michaels.

Michaels says he still has a headache and doesn't have all the feelings back in his arms and legs. Doctors say that should all go back to normal in a few days.

"Do I feel lucky? Very lucky."

While Michaels was in the hospital, Producer Joe Zenzola and our very own CBS 58 Sports Director Kevin Holden took over the broadcast.

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