Police: Suspect Tries to Scam Woman at Grafton Pick n Save

On Friday, October 21, a citizen in Grafton was approached while in the Pick n Save on Falls Road parking lot by a woman who said she had found some money and had it in a bag. She asked the citizen if she would be interested in splitting the money. The citizen stated that she was not interested. 

A short time later the suspect returned and stated that she had a lawyer on the phone who stated that they could keep the money after 90 days but that they should not involve the police because the police cannot be trusted. The citizen then told the subjects they she did not want to be involved because she realized that it was a scam and then called the police.

According to the Grafton Police Department, this scam usually and eventually would have lead the victim to put up some money for “trust” with the actors later stealing the trust money and the front money as well while leaving the citizen a victim. It is an old scam but people will try to target people who appear to be vulnerable.

Other such scams are that a family member is in jail in a foreign country and needs you to send money to bail them out or this is the IRS calling and you will go to jail if you do not send money immediately.

It is advisable never to deal in money matters with people who you have not thoroughly had the chance to check out and it is advisable to contact your local law enforcement any time you have a question about such a transaction before you exchange any money or information.

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