Plover Police Chief: Landfill search is related to the Krista Sypher case

PLOVER, Wis. (WSAW) -- Village of Plover Chief of Police Dan Ault confirms that officers are searching a Wisconsin Rapids landfill as part of an ongoing investigation into Krista Sypher's disappearance.

Ault says the amount of rain that's fallen recently has made the landfill search more difficult.

The Chief said crews have been searching a Wisconsin Rapids landfill since Monday. They will continue their search until they find something of significance or have searched every area they can.

Chief Ault said, "we have reason to be here," but would not confirm that crews are searching for a body. He says his department wants to be thorough and "is committed to solving this case."

Ault emphasized that he does not intend for this case to become cold and that the Village of Plover Police Department will continue to search and follow up on all leads.

Sypher was last seen March 13. She was reported missing by her husband seven days later on March 20.

Her vehicle was found at her home, and her cell phone has not been seen since her disappearance.

If you have any information on Sypher's disappearance please contact your local law enforcement.

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