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Pipeline Closure Could Mean High Gas Prices for Wisconsin

Prices at the pump were prime, but the shutdown of an underground pipeline from Milwaukee to Green Bay could change that. 

Jared Barborich, a driver says, "Slowly but surely they're coming up and I'm scared, I don't like it."

West Shore's pipeline, said there was an anomaly in the line, but the company couldn't be reached for more detail. The governor lifted a regulation so tankers could drive more hours--bringing fuel from Milwaukee to Green Bay. It's something Nick Jarmusz, a spokesman for AAA, says could be a safety risk.

"Having those fuel tanks in congested areas on the interstate there's always a greater chance that a truck is going to get into a collision than there would be an issue with a pipeline."

But he says the greatest issue is gas prices rising. 

"Drivers in Milwaukee aren't seeing any impact yet, because the terminal is still being fed, but that could change when the Green Bay runs out of fuel."

Jarmusz says current prices are an early indicator. 

"In Green Bay they've stayed flat it's probably a sign of pressure on gas prices and that prices will start going up."

While gas stations haven't run out of fuel yet, managers believe it will impact their bottom line. 

Kelly Turcotte, a gas station manager says, "Our business is going to go way down, right now business is low everywhere, but when prices go way up no one wants to pay the high prices."

It has drivers thinking twice before planning travels. 

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