'Pete's Pops' popping up everywhere -- there's even a new walk-up window in Bay View

NOW: ’Pete’s Pops’ popping up everywhere -- there’s even a new walk-up window in Bay View


BAY VIEW (CBS 58) -- It's a fun new popsicle stand in the Bay View neighborhood, and it just opened it time for some long hot summer days.  "The Pop Shed" is the name, and it's the latest Pete's Pops location to open in the area.  You may have already noticed all the roaming carts across Wisconsin. There are ten.  And there's a storefront spot off Vliet Street in Milwaukee.  This new addition, very close to Bay View High School, is bound to get the attention of both people and their pups alike.
Owner Pete Cooney says it's a fun, simple thing. It makes people happy.  Not too complicated or expensive.  It really screams summer. The exact location of "The Pop Shed" is at 916 East Russell Avenue.  It's opened everyday except Monday.  The hours of operation are...


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