Pet of the week: Lucy

Lucy, a 1-year-old Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, is this week's adoptable pet of the week at the Wisconsin Humane Society. She has a long brown coat with a darker muzzle. Staff lovingly refers to her as "travel size." Because of her small size, she is energetic and requires plenty of exercise. Most importantly though, staff says she needs affection from her owner. 
"She could definitely be somebody who sits on your couch right next to you every night and gives you that companionship and love that’s really important from a dog,” said Allie Christman, the Marketing Director at the Wisconsin Humane Society.
Unfortunately, many animals arrive at the shelter due to housing restrictions. That's why the humane society has compiled a list of pet-friendly rental properties across the state.
“One of the biggest reasons that we see animals come into the shelter is because they have landlord restrictions at home and aren’t able to keep their animal or they need to move and can’t find anywhere. So, this is a great way to make sure animals can stay with their families or that families can come in and adopt an animal when they find a new property,” said Christman.
For more information about Lucy or the animal friendly housing list, contact the humane society. Click here or call (414) 264-6257.

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