Peace Walk Held for 16-Year-Old Shooting Victim

NOW: Peace Walk Held for 16-Year-Old Shooting Victim


A ceremony was held this evening to remember an MPS honor student, shot and killed.

The community wants to turn the spot where the tragedy happened into something positive.

Friends, family and the community gathered near 39th and Center, where 16-year-old Emani Robinson was shot and killed on his way to the store.

It's an effort his mother Latosha Davis sa brings peace and unity to an area scarred by violence.

"This is very, very, very hard," said Davis. "I feel so much love to know my son had such a big impact on the community standing for him. I thought he was just going to be another one lost to the system."

Dozens enjoyed food and games, followed by prayer and a peace walk to remember the Marshall High School honor student.

Fighting through tears, Robinson's cousin Arlando said they were more like brothers.

I don't know who made guns anyways. I know it's for protection, but all the people need to stop the violence," said Monk-Walls.

Organizers urge young people in this area to not live in fear.

"Because Emani was walking to the store when this tragedy happened, we understand that a lot of children in this area have to think twice about that. That shouldn't be. We shouldn't change our behavior as residents and community members when violence happens," said Reggie Moore, Director of the Office of Violence Prevention.

As police continue to search for suspects, Davis has a message to the person behind the trigger.

"Turn yourself in. That's your best bet. Get whatever you got coming. Get it over with. Lord have mercy, you took away somebody's life, my son's life," said Davis. 

Davis said MPS has reached out to support, and plan to honor him with a proclamation.

His funeral is Monday, July 10.

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