Passive-Aggressive Riverwest Parking Note War Ends with Kindness

Sometimes it can be hard to find a parking spot in Milwaukee, and sometimes those who can't find a spot steal yours. That's exactly what happened between two Riverwest neighbors over the Christmas holiday. 

Bridget Stemper returned to her street to discover someone had parked in her paid spot. She illegally parked in a different spot and woke up the next morning to find a ticket for "overnight street parking without a permit". Stemper wrote a passive-aggressive note and left in on the car that stole her spot which said, "I'm broke. These are privately owned spots and I could have you ticketed and towed. I won't, but please don't park in my spot again."

When Will Murphy found the note on his car he wrote a note back with money to cover the ticket.

"First I would like to apologize for parking in your spot. It was irresponsible on my part and I would like to give this to you to pay for the ticket and whatever else you need. It can be tough around this time of year. Merry Christmas."

While the story has gone viral, Stemper and Murphy have connected through Facebook and put aside their differences.

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