Packers Fans React to Game-Winning Kick

If you're a Packers fan, today is a good day.

CBS 58 spoke to some fans that can't stop thinking about the game-winning kick.

"I think I needed defibrillators by the end," said Governor Scott Walker. Walker also talked about the upcoming game.

"We beat Atlanta six years ago on our way to the Superbowl at Atlanta. I think we can do the same... I would like to see, once and for all, us put a stake in the ground that the Packers are the best team in the National Football League," said Walker. 

"Mason Crosby kicking the field goal and winning the game for us... I wasn't nervous because Mason Crosby is a good kicker," said 5th grader Taylor Hemvel.

Taylor was cheering on her friends at a basketball tournament when the game was playing. There was a TV set up so fans could watch both games. According to the girls, the game-winning kick interrupted the tournament.

"The refs came in and were hugging each other and so happy," said 5th grader Finley Counsell.

"We had to stop our game because the refs ran out and came back screaming their heads off," said 5th grader Anna Reimers.

But the green and gold gave the girls good luck.

"The coaches were like, 'The Packers won so now it's your turn,'" said 5th grader Ella Suriano.

The girls won their basketball games that day.

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