Owners are told the odds of the birth are about 1 in 400,000.

It's going to be a big Mother's Day weekend for a farm in Washington County where one cow - just on Thursday - gave birth to all-female triplet calves.

Farmers say that's an extremely rare event. CBS 58's Jacob Kittilstad went out to Allenton to check on the newborns.

The people at Hillcrest Farms say they expected this particular pregnant dairy cow to have a multiple-birth, but when three heifer calves were born - and all survived - it was something that they had never seen before.

"Every calf born here, they get their own individual pen," Shannon Dwyer, a fifth generation farmer said as she walk where the young cows bed down.

"She's a little bit shaky, standing on her legs there for one of the first times," Dwyer said, as one of the three calves started to move.

She's told the odds that the odds of the birth are about 1 in 400,000.

"Yesterday afternoon about 5 o'clock the first baby arrives. And then, shortly after that, the next two arrived. I was very surprised to see the next two," Dwyer said with a laugh.

"My mom, when she was a little girl, watched Petticoat Junction. And the names of the three girls on there were Billy Jo, Betty Jo, and Bobby Jo. So that's what she decided to name these calves," Dwyer said.

The meridian heifer calves weigh about 65 pounds each and were already pretty spunky at just 18-hours-old.

Dwyer says - as a farmer - it never gets old seeing the animals give birth.

"Seeing it three-fold was just, I don't know...my heart was bursting," Dwyer said.

And she also finds it somewhat inspiring. It's hard not to notice that Dwyer-herself is about 7-months-pregnant.

"No, I'm just having one baby girl," Dwyer said, laughing.

"I don't want to say it was easy for her but she just knew what to do and it was just such a beautiful thing to happen that it makes me - not less scared - it makes me appreciate birth and life in a new way, and gives me a new perspective on it," Dwyer said.

"And it really makes me anticipate becoming a mother myself," Dwyer said.

The cow that gave birth to the triplets - "Belle" - is also doing very well. Farmers giving her some extended, well-deserved rest.

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