Outrage after photo shows man left in the cold after hospital discharge

NOW: Outrage after photo shows man left in the cold after hospital discharge

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Images posted on social media of a man sitting outside a hospital in the cold have prompted a response from Aurora.

The post says the man was discharged from Aurora Sinai Medical Center and then left by staff at a bus stop in the cold.

Aurora Healthcare Inc. released the following statement regarding the incident,

"Yesterday, a member of the community made us aware of a very troubling situation at our downtown facility. While this is a highly complex case, it is clear that our protocols and values were not followed, and we’re deeply troubled by this. We’re taking this matter very seriously and have suspended the individuals involved, pending an investigation.

We’ve set up a task force to help best address these complicated cases and ensure safe discharge planning for vulnerable individuals. We’ve reached out to key community leaders asking them to join us on our task force and in our efforts. We believe that, together, we can find long-term solutions.

We’re also re-educating caregivers on our service commitments to treat all patients with dignity and respect. What occurred was contrary to our values, and we’re doing everything that we can to make sure it doesn’t happen again."

Wednesday marked the city's bi-annual count of the homeless population and officials were asked about the incident.

"We're looking forward to coming up with tangible solutions for safe and humane discharges that not only coincide with a more efficient process but also with housing and services correlated with each of those discharges," said Eric Collins-Dyke, Outreach Services Manager for the Milwaukee Department of Health.

Aurora says they now have a task force set up to help address cases like these and ensure safe discharge policies.

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