"Operation Save Milwaukee" Aims to Bring Safety to the Streets

Saturday was a warm, summer day, but some in Milwaukee don't feel safe going outside -- even on nice days.

One local group is trying to change that. They are called "Operation Save Milwaukee." They spent hours out on Chambers and Burleigh St.

Kids in the neighborhood had cookies and juice in hand. Trash was picked up and lawns were moved. 

The group went door to door to see what neighbors need, and to try to create safety along the streets.

"We're basically letting the kids in the neighborhood and the adults in the neighborhood know that we care," said Kimberly Zulkowski.

The group doesn't want to see guns or violence.

"So that it's not just hearing about the negative and the homicide and the negative things going on this summer, but to try to have some positive things going on this summer," said Zulkowski.

Zulkowski is best known as Mz. Kim. She's producing a movie about the zip code she grew up in. It will be shot in Milwaukee and cast people from the 53206 zip code.

"The concept is to bring awareness to the crime rate and the face that the crime rate is soaring. We believe we are in a state of emergency," said Zulkowski.

Before the movie starts filming, she and others want to continue making a difference. What they're doing on Saturday gives kids in the 53206 a safe experience on a hot summer day.

"Right now if you look around there's not a whole lot of kids outside on a beautiful day like this. They're inside... we had to bring them outside because it's not safe," said Zulkowski.

"Operation Save Milwaukee" tries to do positive things in this zip code every weekend. You can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OperationSaveMilwaukee/?fref=ts

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