Okauchee man walks for the first time...again

NOW: Okauchee man walks for the first time...again

An Okauchee man is making huge strides toward recovery after a horrendous crash last year. Larry Hansen lost part of his right leg after a woman, accused of driving drunk, barreled through his garage where he was working on his car. Today, Mr. Hansen is all smiles because that's just how he is, but also because he's doing something a lot of people worried he might never do again...walk.

"The first time I walked in my life I don't remember too much, but the second time I'll never forget it," Larry said.

The leg he used a "test" leg so he can get reacquainted with walking. His permanent one should be ready in about a month.

"It's different because you can't feel it and you gotta concentrate on every step, but it's cool," he added.

With each day, things get better and, his wife Linda said, Larry's positive attitude is certainly helping.

"He is doing great, walking and even this ride, it's the first time he's been on a bike since the accident," Linda said. "He's my hero, I still say that."

Open Road Angels coordinated a benefit ride for Larry. It'll be held Saturday at 9:30 A.M. to 6 P.M. at Okauchee American Legion #399 on Wisconsin Avenue in Okauchee. Registration begins at 9:30 with staging at 10:45 and kick stands up at 11:00. $15 per rider and $10 per passenger.

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