'Now two little children got to live without their mother:' 23-year-old woman latest victim of Milwaukee's violent weekend

NOW: ’Now two little children got to live without their mother:’ 23-year-old woman latest victim of Milwaukee’s violent weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) --It was a violent and dangerous weekend in Milwaukee starting from Friday, June 11. CBS 58 has been keeping track of the shootings and talking to families. They say they're wondering if the city is safe.

Twenty-three year-old Brittany Alexis Meyer is the latest victim to gun violence across the city. She was shot to death near 21st and Galena Sunday, June 13. 

"She was a pretty girl, she loved her kids," Eva McClinton said. She is the victim's aunt.

Meyer left behind a one-year-boy and a two-year-boy.

"Now two little children got to live without their mother."

As of Sunday, June 13, numbers reflect that 11 people were injured and three killed in 13 confirmed shooting incidents. Water Street in downtown Milwaukee was a hot spot. Videos surfaced social media of fist fights, large crowds and people shooting.

"We going keep dying, getting murdered, a lot of us innocent people are the ones getting murdered," McClinton said. 

Recently CBS 58 interviewed Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm. He says before the pandemic they worked hard addressing violence and seen some significant progress. However, it's almost like the public health crisis pushed the city five steps back.

"You have to get back on track, start establishing that relationship with people in their neighborhoods, that's where it all starts at the end of the day," Chisholm said. "You have to make sure that the families and the neighborhoods have a sense of security and cohesiveness so they can help us identify the problems before they spill out of control. There's going to have to be some suppression activity too, we have to push the level of violence down so that we can get ourselves back to a more normal level"

As for grieving families, they say it seems like there's no hope.

"When is it more important to carry a gun and all these lives being taken and nothing is being done about it," said McClinton. 

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