November outlook: cooler and wet

The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a cooler and wetter month of November. With the weak La Niña season anticipated, this is right on par for what we are expecting.

Usual La Niña years feature slightly below average temperatures but more precipitation, and depending on your location, can mean either more rain or snow.

The early month pattern is keeping a bulge of cold air west of the Rockies, and some of this could escape and move into Wisconsin. This is why we are on the cusp of the “below average” temperature range in southeastern Wisconsin, and the western side of the state is under this title.

With the positioning of the jet, this will aid in keeping the storm pa

th more active, which means more precipitation for the Badger State.

If anyone knows my method of forecasting, it’s hard enough to forecast 24-48 hours out as meteorologist. When we are looking at long-term forecasting, all we can look at are trends; these trends can change, and this means the whole forecast could change as well. For now, the La Niña pattern will rule the roost.

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